HoundHouse Heat Mat


Giving your pet the warmth and comfort they deserve with the HoundHouse heat mat. The heating element is in one corner of the mat, allowing your pet to regulate their own temperature.

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The HoundHouse heat mat is covered with the same material as the HoundHouse original canvas kennel. Inside the mat is a 1.5 cm foam core that is soft and comfortable for your pet to lay on. In one corner of the mat is a heating element. The heat mat allows your pet to regulate their own body temperature by moving on and off the heating element at their own leisure. The heat pad measures 25 cm x 35 cm in the Extra Large & Large Mats & 20 cm x 25 cm in the medium & small mats.

Each of the four sized heat mats has been designed to fit into its corresponding HoundHouse dog kennel.

Pet owners assume all responsibility for their pet’s behavior, supervision and safety.

Extra Large Large Medium Small
Length 100 cm 80 cm 58 cm 50 cm
Width 78 cm 70 cm 56 cm 41 cm

Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small


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