camping-with-HoundHouseHoundHouse was developed by inventor Mark Wood when his dog Tyson needed a new kennel. To his dismay, Mark couldn’t find a kennel that would be comfortable for Tyson to sleep in and was aesthetically pleasing. Being an Auto & Marine Trimmer by trade, Mark decides to make his own dog kennel out of marine grade canvas. The frame was designed to be able to erect and dismantle with ease, while maintaining a high level of strength. There were several advantages to Mark’s new kennel, compared to what was previously available and others started to notice the difference. The HoundHouse brand was born out of requests from friends and family for Mark to build them a kennel, just like Tyson’s.

Since its invention, the HoundHouse has been released in Australia, New Zealand, the United States and of course the United Kingdom. Dogs, and sometimes even cats, have been rejoicing in their new, comfortable homes. The HoundHouse is a superior dog kennel for many reasons. Below you will find a list of just a few.

Warms & cools – The HoundHouse is made from a high quality marine grade canvas that will contract in the cold and expand in the heat. When the weather gets cold, the canvas contracts and traps the warm air inside, keeping your pet toasty warm. When the weather warms up, the weave will expand and allow the heat to escape.

Eases joint pain – For pets that have joint problems the HoundHouse is the perfect kennel. The soft floor is made from PVC that will distribute the weight of the dog evenly over the floor, supporting their joints. The strong floor will bend slightly when the dog lays on it, but will not stretch or sag over time.

Easy to clean – The canvas material has been impregnated with a wax that makes the kennel waterproof and extremely easy to clean. When pet fur build sup inside the kennel, especially between the floor and the walls, simply hose the kennel out. The waterproof canvas will repel the water and dry extremely fast. It is important that you keep your HoundHouse clean as fleas love to breed in the buildup of dog fur. By hosing your HoundHouse on a regular basis you will be preventing the fleas from being able to lay eggs in the kennel.

Easy to erect and dismantle – The standout feature of the HoundHouse is the frame. In just a couple of minutes you can take the kennel out of the box and ready for your pet to sleep on. At the front and back of the kennel are two arch-shaped bars that are pulled up. A support pole is placed between the two arches at the top of the kennel. Once erected, the kennel will maintain its strength, until the support pole is pulled out. The HoundHouse comes with a storage bag that makes it the perfect travel companion for any pet owner.

Extremely comfortable – When it comes down to it, none the HoundHouse features wouldn’t mean anything if your pet didn’t love to sleep in it. Its the combination of a soft floor, sturdy structure and the marine grade canvas that make the HoundHouse the most comfortable kennel for your pet. Its with over 15 years of experience and thousands of dogs giving it four paws up that we can say with confidence that your dog will love the HoundHouse.